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Norfolk Island

Watawieh (hello)

Norfolk Island is a tiny 8km x 5km island located between Australia and New Zealand in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, a place where history, culture, friendship and community abound.

Less than 3 hours flying from Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland, the island boasts a pristine environment with beautiful beaches, a rugged coastline, World Heritage convict site and National Parks and Reserves dotted with the iconic Norfolk Island pines.a

Offering a myriad of sights and activities, culinary delights with food bursting with flavour, friendly local people and a sub-tropical climate, Norfolk Island is the perfect holiday choice for visitors of all ages.

Captain Cook described Norfolk Island as ‘paradise’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Yorlyi come look orn "Come and have a look".

For more information contact Oceania Tourism Group