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The key people in Oceania Tourism Group possess highly diversified experience in the operating and marketing of properties ranging from limited service brands to luxury hotels and resorts. Their agenda is commitment to performance and the ultimate customer service, no matter what the star rating or standard of the property.

By focusing their efforts on a limited number of hotels and resorts in the South Pacific and Australia, Oceania Tourism provides high levels of support in generating cost effective marketing and operating programmes, and targeted marketing programs that maximize performance and produce optimum return on investment.

The Oceania Tourism organization is guided by the philosophy of excellence in customer service, great Tripadvisor reviews, and a well resourced and happy team, both front and back of house. This highly creative group has a genuine record of success in their hospitality careers.

Oceania Tourism believes that its organization must give broad direction to new concepts and new dimensions in hotel operations. It must also stay ahead of changes in technology, customer demands and long term trends. Excellence across this full spectrum of hotel marketing and operations are the special capability of the company based upon decades of achievement by its innovative team.

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